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Services for shipping companies

Services for shipping companies

If you need individual financing solutions for your projects, we will go with you as an excellent networked consulting partner.

From the first profitability calculation to a target group-oriented investment memorandum, we take on the entire project development together with our network in the legal and tax area. Due to the changed financing structures for ships, flexible solutions are required. We understand that.

We are currently also expanding the Green Shipping division, where we are developing ambitious projects with innovative financing, participation and investment opportunities.

All professional financial communication services are covered by our in-house agency.

Step by step

Newport Asset Finance follows a structured process when developing investments:

Asset identification

We identify attractive assets and have access to off-market deals through years of business relationships and the implementation of projects. Our focus: Small to medium-sized shipping companies and joint ventures that want to implement attractive ship projects in markets that are characterized by a favorable fleet structure. We achieve similar interests by having our shipping partners participate substantially in the respective project.

Asset Evaluation -

Value vs. Price

We look closely at values. Ship type and year of construction are not sufficient for pricing. The profit lies in purchasing - the old merchant rule still applies.

Market analysis

We have access to all common market reports and analysis houses, we cooperate with universities in order to analyze less transparent markets such as the short sea shipping sector in depth.


The performance of a shipowner can have a decisive influence on the value development of the asset. What is the manager's track record? How professional are the technical and commercial management? Successful exits are also indicators of attractive investments.

Plan calculation

Conservative investment and cash flow calculations as well as sensitivity analyzes

Financial communication

Professional communication is an essential component for the successful implementation of project ideas. Our in-house agency mantau takes over this in full. This includes: All presentations for the financing of new projects, market studies for less transparent market segments as well as the optimization of the external appearance, online and offline.

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